In the music production scene there are few stars rising as fast as SCADA.  For SCADA music has been a lifelong passion. From a young age he began to experiment with instruments and listen to a wide variety of music. Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, SCADA fell in love with the DJ life the first moment he stepped into a Las Vegas night club. It wasn’t long after that he decided to leave Utah and settle down in Las Vegas where he lives today.

While going to school to earn his degree as an computer engineer SCADA realized that producing music was his calling. It was during this time that his passion for music and technology naturally coincided. SCADA began experimenting with filters and other analog machines creating sounds that he puts into his songs giving them a unique sound. After graduating in 2009 SCADA turned his focus to music and quickly earned a residency at Circle Lounge in Salt Lake City, Utah, becoming one of the most popular and respected DJ’s in the state. His ability to incorporate house music into largely commercial music scene has caused people to clamor for more. In 2010 SCADA traveled to Ibiza visiting clubs known for their house music such as Pacha, Amnesia, Privilege and Space. This trip changed SCADA’s outlook on music and what he once considered a hobby became his career focus. SCADA has earned much adoration and respect in this brutal industry for his creativity and energy. His career trajectory is rocketing skyward and with each night that he steps into the DJ booth it sends him ever closer to the stars.

SCADA’s name has garnered much recognition after gigs at clubs such as Blush Nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas and Circle Lounge. Look for SCADA to collaborate with some big name producers in the near future, as he is looking to infuse his own style into the current house scene.

In 2012 you can look for SCADA to continue producing music and bringing his industrial style to the mass public as he plans to release his first major production later this year. Until then you can look for him in the DJ booth bringing his endless energy and enthusiasm in his never ending goal to make you not just hear the music, but feel it just as if it was your own heartbeat.